Some Great Fans

We are currently on a 7 day road trip.  Last night we played the first game of a 3 game series against the Columbus Clippers.  Huntington Park where the Clippers play is a beautiful stadium and is brand new.  The weather was very cold and rainy but we were able to get the game in after a quick 15 minute rain delay.  I was playing left field and the left field bleachers were filled with some great fans.  They were all over me from the first pitch to the last pitch of the game.  I was having a great time listening to some of the stuff they were coming up with.  They must have really enjoyed saying my last name because they were screaming it the entire game.  The entire outfield bleachers were spelling out my name and chanting it throughout the game.  Anytime I would glance back at them and give them a smile it was like throwing gas on a fire and they would go crazy.  There was a fan even giving me advice for names and headings for my blog.  It was great and a lot of fun.  I think I am playing first base tonight so whoever is out in left tonight may have to concentrate a little bit harder.  They were great baseball fans and never cross the line, however they did get in my head and had me thinking about them more than the game at times.  I threw a couple balls into the stands to show my appreciation to them.  It is always fun interacting with the fans and you never know what you’re going to hear coming out of the stands.  It was an exciting game with several lead changes and the Bats come out on top 7-6.   


  1. jalorus

    Hey Danny!!! Awesome that you are with the Bats!! Janice, Erin, Shane and I are really proud of you. Keep up the good work and enjoy all those triple AAA fans. I can’t wait to hear about some more stories. Take care of yourself and we are pulling for you!
    Scott Jacobus

  2. mlb4life12

    What was your experience in Double-A, Chatanooga? What type of guy is Frank Burke, the team owner? Was it fun in Double-A? What where the two biggest differences between both levels, Double-A and Triple-A.

  3. hollowman777

    Dan, I just discovered your blog! I live in Covina right now I’m sure you’ll recognize the name since you are from San Dimas. You have a lot of pop in your bat do you think that you might get the call to the big show with Jay Bruce out for at least 8 weeks?
    Good luck with the bats the best minor league team in baseball!
    In case you were wondering I am originally from the Covington, KY area and grew up a die hard Reds fan. Sadly adult life has misplaced me from the wonderful confines of Kentucky. I hate the Dodgers with a passion and only see Red when it comes to baseball. I’m hoping to catch at least one of the games that the Reds will be playing next week here in Los Angeles…. One more call down and we just might see you here.


    i wasnt there that game when you were playing left field but i was at the game when you were playing 1st base and the guys to the right of me were definately talking it up. D – O – R – N …. haha then u bombed that homer

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